Vision Board Planning Step One: Losing 50 pounds


A couple of days ago I actually posted about my Vision Board for 2015. What was I thinking? Now you all know my goals and are going to keep me accountable. I realized that with all the emails and comments I received; now the pressure is really on. 
Since there's no going back, I'm just going to take that Vision Board List one step at a time. 

The first thing I am going to focus on is the weight goal of 50lbs in one year.
For the last year, I have been following Trim Healthy Mama about 80% of the time. THM is a new way of looking at food. Sisters Serene and Pearl teach you not only how to satisfy your cravings and give you more energy, which is exactly what you would expect, but they also take your health to a new level.  They show you how to balance your hormones, how to re-fire your metabolism, make your skin glow, ignite marriage intimacy, simple but effective exercise plan and answers for postmenopausal women.

This book is jam filled with information, 700+ pages in fact. In this book, you will find 250 recipes to get you started. These recipes are absolutely delicious. I found recipes that my family LOVES and would want regardless of my new eating plan.
This book was so big I personally took it to Office Max and had them split my book, separating the information portion from the recipe portion. I took the recipe portion and the index making my very own "THM Cookbook". I also took some extra printer paper, cut it to size, and had them add that to the back so I could add additional recipes in my book. I have found tons of recipes on Pinterest. I don't always want to look on the computer and try and remember the awesome meal I made last month; it is hand written in the back of my book and ready for me to grab.

I know many people that are following THM and are very successful. I, for one, am a turtle loser. I lose at such a slow rate it is very discouraging and then I want to quit.

I thought my goal of losing 50lbs this year was realistic until Brandy mentioned, it's one pound a week, consistently. I really need to break that goal down to help me achieve it. So here goes. I am going to work on January!
  • Going to eat on plan 
  • Drink enough water daily 
  • Meal plan weekly. Making a plan is the only way I will succeed
  • Pre-make some meals for easy quick meals
  • Clean out pantry to organize a THM area 
  • Clean out freezer to make a THM area  (making it easier to grab food when hungry)
My goal is to lose 10lbs in January on Trim Healthy Mama. I figure you always lose more the first month, and I need to account for that. I don't want to get too confident, where I feel I can eat whatever I want for a while. That will only sabotage myself.

What are your goals for 2015, and how are you working to accomplish them?

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New Coupons Available to Print!

I hope everyone had a fabulous New Years! Today lots of new coupons came out for you to print. Some of these coupons will disappear quickly so print what you need.

Debt Free Living: Making Your Own Laundry Detergent and Saving the Difference!

While talking to friends, I just realized that I do things a little strange different than other people. I was kinda shocked, but with that said, I thought I would share one of the different ways I try and save money to help my family become Debt Free.
I find that it is easier for me to save little by little. I mentioned earlier that I make my own Laundry Detergent to save money. It cost about $2 for 10 gallons of detergent. It might sound like one more thing on your to do list but it really only takes 20 minutes.  That kind of savings is worth 20 minutes of my time. I leave the 5 gallon (you dilute the soap with water to make 10 gallons) in the garage and refill the 3 old containers and leave them in my laundry room.

Recently, I started taking $20 and putting it in a jar every time I refill my 3 old Tide Laundry containers. I don't really have any scientific reason for picking the amount of $20.  If I was to purchase Tide at the store, it runs about $11.97 each at Walmart.  I fill up 3 containers at a time, which would equal about $36.  I still have to make the homemade laundry detergent and purchase the products, and lets face it, we have homemade detergent because I can't afford the Tide, so I figured $20 was a good round number. 

I didn't know exactly what to do with the money, until just now as I am typing this. Our washer and dryer are about 12 years old.  The dryer has been making weird noises and has been repaired by hubby multiple times. The washer sometimes likes to skip the rinse and spin cycle. Not sure why, maybe it was just having a bad day and said forget it! Whatever the problems that are coming our way, I want to be prepared and this is not a bad idea, the more I think about it. Can you imagine if they go out and I have a jar full of money ready to help purchase a replacement set. That's my new goal. 

Do you do anything off the grid to save money?

Do you make New Year's Resolutions or Goals? Here is my Vision Board and I would love to hear yours.

Print out your very own 52 Week Challenge

Case lot is Back at Smiths this week!

It's that time of the year, Case lot sale.  This is the time that I stock up on all of my canned goods, which helps us save even more money. Smiths has changed their policy and now, some items require you to purchase the entire case. Here is a list of the items and I have split them up so you know which ones you will have to purchase the entire case for.

These are the items that have to be purchased in the entire case.

Kroger Peanut Butter 12ct $14.99

Libby's Vegetables 12ct $5.99
$1/4 Libby's Vegetable Product, exp. 1/31/15 (RP 11/16/14 R)
Pay $0.25 each

Campbell's Chunky soup 12Ct $12.00
$0.50/2 Campbell's Chunky Soup or Chili printable
$0.40/2 Campbell's Condensed Soups, exp. 12/31/14 (SS 10/12/14 R) [Excludes Chicken Noodle, Tomato or Cream of Mushroom soups]
$0.40/4 Campbell's Condensed Soup, exp. 1/15/15 (SS 11/09/14 R)
Pay 0.75 each

Chicken of the Sea Chunk Light Tuna 48ct $24

Ramen Noodles 24ct $3.42

Ragu Pasta Sauce 12ct $12

Ragu Alfredo Sauce 12ct $12

Campbell's Chicken Noodle or Tomato Soup 48ct: $26.40
$1/5 Campbell's Condensed Soup printable [Excludes "Great for Cooking" Soups]
$0.40/4 Campbell's Condensed Chicken Noodle, Tomato or Cream of Mushroom soups, exp. 12/31/14 (SS 10/12/14 R)
$0.40/4 Campbell's Condensed Soup, exp. 1/15/15 (SS 11/09/14 R)
Pay $0.35 each

Kroger Canned Fruit 24ct: $18.00

These items can be purchased separately or in a case:

Kroger Tomato Sauce $0.20 or 24 for $6.00

Campbell's Soup: $0.90 or 48 for $43.20
$1/5 Campbell's Condensed "Great for Cooking" Soup printable
$0.40/4 Campbell's Condensed Chicken Noodle, Tomato or Cream of Mushroom soups, exp. 12/31/14 (SS 10/12/14 R)
$0.40/2 Campbell's Condensed Soups, exp. 12/31/14 (SS 10/12/14 R) [Excludes Chicken Noodle, Tomato or Cream of Mushroom soups]
$0.40/4 Campbell's Condensed Soup, exp. 1/15/15 (SS 11/09/14 R)

Hormel Chili $1.10 or 12 for $13.20
$0.55/2 Hormel Chili Product, exp. 1/5/15 (SS 11/09/14)
Pay $0.83 each

Kroger Broth: $0.50

Kroger Beans $0.58 or 24 for $13.92

Psst Sugar 4lbs: $1.79 or 10 for $17.90

Hamburger Helper: $0.88 or 12 for $10.56
$0.75 off any three boxes Helper Skillet Dishes
Pay $0.63 each

Kroger Mandarin Oranges: $0.50 or 24 for $12.00

American Beauty Pasta: $0.75 or 24 for $18.00

Langers 100% Apple Juice: $1.50 or 8 for $12.00

Chef Boyardee $0.85 or 24 for $20.40

Kroger Diced Tomatoes $0.50 or 24 for $12.00

Kroger Evaporated Milk: $0.90 or $24 for $21.60

Snack Pack: $0.89 or 12 for $10.68

Botan Rice 20lbs $13.99

Jennie O Ground Turkey: $1.99 or 12 for $23.88
$1/1 Jennie-O Ground Turkey (Ibotta Deposit) [Any variety, any size]
Pay $0.99

Kroger Flour: $1.69 or 8 for $13.52
Duncan Hines Cake Mix $1.00 or 12 for $12

Kroger Vegetable Oil: $2.29 or 9 for $20.61

Tillamook Shredded Cheese 5lb: $12.99

Kroger 24pk water $2.50

Spam: $2.49 or 12 for $29.88
$1.50/3 SPAM Product Printable [12-oz.]
Pay $1.99

Kroger Breakfast Links: $1.99 or 12 for $23.88

Simple Truth Organic Pasta: $1.39 or 20 for $27.80

Simple Truth Organic Beans: $0.79 or 12 for $9.48

Amy's Soup: $2.00 or 12 for $24.00

Mom's Best Naturals Cereal: $1.25 or 8 for $10.00

Clif Bars: $0.89 or 12 for $10.68

Annie's Mac n Cheese: $0.89 or 12 for $10.68

Almond Breeze 32oz: $1.79 or 12 for $21.48

Kit Kat or Reese's $0.66 or 36 for $23.76

Do you make New Year's Resolutions or Goals? Here is my Vision Board and I would love to hear yours.

Print out your very own 52 Week Challenge

Homemade Laundry Detergent + $1 off Coupon Making it Even Cheaper

I make my own Laundry Detergent and have for the past few years. It is just another awesome way that I can save money for my family.  I actually use the Dugger's Laundry Detergent Recipe. It takes 3 ingredient and about 20 minutes of my time but makes about 10 gallons of detergent. Not too bad, huh. The best part is, it cost about $2 to make. Yep that's right $2.  Well, this deal is getting better with the $1.00 off ONE (1) box of 20 Mule Team Borax coupon. That is one of the 3 things you will need and saving a $1 is not too bad in this calculation.

Borax Detergent Booster: $3.97
$1.00 off ONE (1) box of 20 Mule Team Borax
Pay $2.97
$1.00 off ONE (1) box of 20 Mule Team Borax
If your family has bad allergies you should give this Laundry Detergent a try. We use to use Tide Fragrance FREE because it was the only detergent that would not make our skin rash-out (if that is a word). As much as I love Tide, it can get really expensive and just didn't meet our finances anymore. In order for us to make our Debt Free goals, we have to do things a little different and homemade Laundry Detergent is an easy way to help my family save money. 

Have you tried making your own Laundry Detergent? How did you like it?