Free Krispy Kreme Donuts for Good Grades

Where are all my Krispy Kreme lovers at! 

Don't these donuts look so delish! How about if I told you they were FREE!! Oh yeah baby! That's right. 

Krispy Kreme rewards your kiddos with a free donut for every A they got on their report card (limit 6) no purchase necessary.

It was really easy too. We walked in and I guess they just knew what we were there for because the kids had their report cards in hand. They initialed the report card and we were on our way. We were in and out of the store within 3 minutes. 

To find a participating Krispy Kreme near you check their site here

Life wasn't always like this...

My entire life, I felt helpless inside of my own body.
I have tried every single diet and meal plan out there. I would give them a try and see a little movement on the scale but then the roller-coaster of life would happen. I was still not seeing enough of a result and therefore falling right back into the same patterns as before!

It was humiliating. Everyone was going to know that I tried something else and failed, again! I can't hide my issues, they are everywhere in plain site. On my thighs, stomach, double chin, booty, EVERYWHERE.

One day, I was introduced to a product that a lot of people are talking about lately. 

To be honest, I thought about it before, but I am a very skeptical person. It takes a lot of proof to give it a try.  

This time, I did know the company who made it and trusted the source—so I tried it, what did I have to lose at this point.

Now, my life is dramatically different. I used to have to put on a fake face and pretend that I didn’t feel like I was dying inside. 

Now, I’m finding...ME! And I’m on a mission to help a whole lot of people break free from the static or "normal" life and empower themselves with the knowledge and resources I’ve worked so hard to get myself.
Be sure to grab my guide "5 intentional ways to Lose Weight". We even have an incredible group of fearless women, learning how you can find FREEDOM with the knowledge and information we share in our exclusive community. 

Finding Easy Ways to Save Money Part 1

Saving money does not have to be hard. It doesn't have to be like the show from years ago, Extreme Couponing. It can literally be you looking around the house and finding little ways to save money. 

I am probably the only one in the entire world that never thought of this until today. If you are already aware of this incredible yet simple trick, why didn't you share it with me! You could have saved me a ton of money over the many years of living on my own. 😜

When I am usually to the end of a mayo, jelly or any other kind of jar that you scoop out with a knife, I do what I can and then throw away the jar. No big deal, I move on to the next one. Today for some reason I thought about how much was really on the sides of our mayo jar and I grabbed a regular silicone spatula. Seriously! Why didn't I do this years ago. 
I had really no idea how much was on the sides but I figured it was a tablespoon or so. I was in total shock that it was almost a half of a cup of Best Foods Mayo. That is a lot!! Just think of how much I have wasted over the years because I just didn't pay attention. It really only took about an extra minute to scrap the sides. 

You bet I am going to be telling my son he needs to do that with the Jelly, ohhh maybe the peanut butter jars too. It's like an entire world has opened up in my head of how much we actually waste. 

What are some extra things you do to save money here and there?

Want other great tips? Grab my guide: 3 Easy Ways to Save Money HERE 

How I make my Non-Toxin Cleaning Wipes

Anyone that knows me, knows that DIY has to be "REALLY" easy for me to want to do it. That's why I have been getting lots of requests on how I make DIY Thieves Cleaning Wipes. Easy and it doesn't hurt that they are very inexpensive. 
The thing I missed the most when I started taking the chemicals out of my house was my cleaning wipes. That is why I am so happy that I found these. I don't have to worry about the kids using these or the pets if we use this product on the floor.  It is safe! 

All you need is:
bucket (similar to this one in the video)
2 cups of water
Paper Towels (1/2 roll)
Young Living Essential Oils of your choice (optional)

Thieves Household Cleaner is a plant based cleaning product that leaves no chemical residue. It is a concentrated so I only use 2 capfuls for these wipes and 1 capful for a bottle of all purpose cleaner.  I have replaced all of my other household cleaners for this one bottle. It is amazing and we love it. 

We make these wipes on a regular basis and how great is it that it only took me 5 minutes. That is less time than it would take to get in the car and drive... anywhere. 

Talk about saving time, money and our health!

"Lost" Vegas: Day 52 of the Quarantine

I have lived in Las Vegas my entire life! It's just normal to see slot machines in every casino, grocery store and convenience store. It's so normal that I really don't pay too much attention to it. We rarely go down to the strip because, well, nothing really to do there, because we live here. 

When friends come into town we will show them around and if they want to head over to the Strip of course we go. With that said, I have to tell you that these last few weeks in Vegas have been weird. We are right in the middle of the quarantine/ pandemic and pretty much everything is closed. We can't go into restaurants, all the hotels and casinos on the strip are closed. Can we just let that sink in for a second?!? The Strip in Las Vegas is closed. If you would have ever told me that the Las Vegas Strip would ever close, I would have told you that you were crazy! Some of those casinos had to board up the doors because they don't have locks for the doors. Why would they? They never close. I also want to know if the electrician to all the different properties even knew where the master power button was. Can you imagine? 
We went down there yesterday for the first time. Don't worry, we stayed in our van but we wanted something to do to go check it out. It was such a different feeling. No partying. People down there were very few and far between. We did see lots of people on bikes riding down the strip, enjoying the evening weather together. We are assuming that they all just needed to get outside as well. IDK 

The Circus Circus was totally dark. No lights at all. They did have a security guard that we saw on property but other than that, very dark and scary. The Palazzo had the sign lite up but nothing else. It was nice to see that the Treasure Island (TI) had their name lite up as well as the pirate ship. That at least made it pretty and some what "normal" down there, whatever that means.
All and all I have to say that it felt very eerie and weird. I know that the Las Vegas Strip is not going to be opening back up until "Stage 3 or 4". I am guessing another month or so, but I have no idea.

Regardless if we go down there on a regular basis or not, I have to say this is my home and I can't wait for things to get back to "normal". Whatever that means now a days. I think my favorite part about going down there was the signs for the people of Las Vegas from the casinos. The Stratosphere or the "Strat" had the sign saying "We will Rise". Another sign on the strip told us to wash our hands. ha!

I truly wish I was able to get a good angle of this message from the Aria and the Vdara. They turned the lights on in certain hotel rooms to show us they love us. (Yep, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.) The Vdara wants us all to have HOPE! I think that is so cool and shows that VegasStrong pride is alive and well!! Fox 5 News got the best shot. We are #VegasStrong

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Lime Shrimp Tacos only 3 WW Smart Points

Today is not only Cinco de Mayo but it is also Taco Tuesday!  So that means it's time for TACOS!!!
I am so in love with Lime Shrimp Tacos, it would be a crime not to share. 😃

If you are following the Weight Watchers Freestyle Points system, these bad boys are only 3-4sp each depending on which plan you are on. That's amazing for this power packed delicious meal. 

Lime Shrimp Tacos Makes 6 (3 sp Blue & Purple, 4sp Green each)

1 pound Shrimp Raw 
1 Cilantro bunch chopped 
2 Tbs Mayo 
5 TBS Greek Yogurt 
14oz bag of Shredded cabbage 
3 Tbs Garlic minced  
5-20 drops Young Living Lime Vitality or 1 Lime
1 Tbs Butter   
6 Ole Xtreme Wellness Low carb Tortilla 

Mix the Sour Cream, Mayo, 1T Garlic and 1/4 of the bunch of Cilantro together.
Add 8 Drops of Lime Vitality or the juice of 1/2 Lime
Mix and put in a glass container and set aside.

In a large pan, melt remaining butter and saute garlic together
Add the shrimp
As the shrimp turns pink, flip them over.
Add the juice of half of a lime or 10-12 drops of Young Living Lime Vitality (to taste, we like it with lots of lime).
Add cilantro to taste and then place in a glass or stainless steel container to serve. (Don't forget that when you are working with citrus oils, you need to have them in glass or stainless steel container)

Warm up tortilla
Add cabbage
Add Shrimp mixture
Add 1 Tbs of sauce on top.
Sprinkle with remaining cilantro
and enjoy

Remember, it's important to know that not all essential oils are created equal. You can't just go out to a retailer & trust that you're getting the good stuff. Lucky for you, I've got a source I trust.

What a week!

Things have been very crazy lately. Since when do we ask our friend, "On a scale of 1-5 how quarantined are you?" 

Not sure about your life but I was on a roll, finally getting a routine and then BAM! Now, I'm a bit frazzled. My routine is totally rocked, the kids are home and trying to figure out their new life on Google Classroom for 5+ teachers each. 😲 I am trying to juggle helping them with what time this zoom is and what time that assignment is due. All that while trying to figure out how to get more supplies, when the grocery stores shelves are close to empty. 

This mom thing is no joke, I just wish I got the memo to pick up toilet paper. Who knew! 😁

I see all the awesome mom's with their daily schedule, down to what time the kids have lunch, electronic time, math and you get the jist. I love that they are so organized and are great at this. I, on the other hand, am lucky if I get dressed for the day. (Don't judge, I am sitting here right now in jammies debating if I should bother getting dressed). 
I am working on setting 3 daily goals this week that will help me feel accomplished and working toward a better time being in this quarantined home. 

Apparently, getting up and dressed in the morning should be my first goal. Ha!

Drink lots of water- I know that sounds crazy when we are all short on toilet paper but that will help you not only stay away from the refrigerator, but it helps with your attitude, and all the reports I have read said to drink plenty of liquids. Preferably not iced drinks but room temperate or warm. I love adding lemon or lime in mine. If you are not able to find those you can always add a drop or 2 of Lemon or Lime essential oil to your water. It not only taste great but it will help your digestive system and helps uplift your emotions. I know I need that especially right now. 

Working out- Gyms here are closed and I am assuming they are closed in your areas as well. We have lots of options to workout. We can leave the house and go for a walk, ride bikes, go for a hike, just as long as you are 6 feet away from others. We also have options to workout from home! Thank goodness for technology! Right now you can head over to the YMCA Facebook page to gain access to workout classes that you can do at home. How amazing is that! Don't forget to comment here to score a 30 day family pass when everything opens back up.  

Declutter- Being home has made me realize how small this house is getting. Maybe it is all the "stuff" that we have. This is a great time to tackle an area of this house and start decluttering.
This is not my love language but I will tell you that having less, or at least knowing where everything is, can be such a blessing and reduce some of the stress and anxiety people are feeling. I could use all the help I can get. If you would like to work on your house as well. We are creating an accountability group for conversation, support and tips that I would love for you to join. Comment below for more information.

Don't forget that when we reduce the stress and anxiety levels we are also helping our immune systems. If we are trying to fight whatever is going around, we need to have strong immune systems.

What are you working on each day to get you through this time?