Yasso Greek Yogurt only $2.49 at Smiths

Here we go! Smiths this week is rocking a deal that I can't keep to myself. I first tried those Yasso Greek yogurt bars a month ago. I was very skeptical, thinking they were going to taste gross like greek yogurt but I was shocked to say that they are really good. The only thing that bothers me is the price. They are normally $5.49 at Smiths and $4.02 at Winco. No matter the store you pick they are at least $1 each bar. That is crazy but at only 4-5 Weight Watcher Smart Points they are a great dessert when you just need something sweet.  
Be sure to grab them this week at Smiths for only $2.49 (the cheapest I have ever seen them) with their mix and match 5 deals. 

Yasso Greek Yogurt: $2.49 (was $5.49)  Mix and Match 5  thru 10/1
No coupon needed just make sure you grab 5 different participating items. 

If you are following WW don't forget to grab a dozen eggs for only $0.99.

Did you know that the YMCA has a Preschool?

When you think of the YMCA, what do you think of? I think of working out, swimming and community center. It never crossed my mind that they would have a preschool as well, but they do. 

The YMCA offers half-day and full day preschool for your little ones between the ages of 3-5. They encourage hand on learning, I wish my kids had that when they were little.

I have had no experience with the preschool at the Y (my kids are middle schoolers now😲) but I have seen some of the kids going into class with their parents. They looked very excited and happy to be there.
This program is completely FREE to families who qualify! 
If you are looking for a preschool for your little one be sure to check out the YMCA and see all that they have to offer. 

You can find out more information HERE.

Want to be entered into a giveaway for a FREE Family 30-day pass to the YMCA?  Be sure to comment below to snag your pass today. 

Cash is King: My Envelope System

I was chatting with some of my friends and they let me know how hard it is to use cash. They would just assume charge everything and pay it off at the end of the month! Boy, does that sound familiar. That was me 11 years ago. I was fine because I pay off my credit cards monthly and don't pay interest. 
That makes me awesome right?
Not matter how you handle your money you are awesome! What I have learned is, if you are like me and pay off your cards monthly, you are always a month behind. Meaning, if you charge and charge planning on paying it off at the end of the month and something bad happens, loss of job, car breaks down, someone gets sick, you are going to be behind. 

I'm not saying that paying cash for everything is easy! Not at all. It is work just like anything else. What I am saying is that once you start using cash and know where your money is, know how much you have left for the end of the month. You are more in control of your future. 
Your envelope system doesn't have to be fancy! Not even, this is a pic of mine! Yep, it is an old  coupon organizer. This one has 7 sections and as you can see I have them labeled with what they are for and the dollar amount I want to put in there weekly!

These are the sections we use for our family and seem to be working because they haven't been changed in all these years: 

Allowance. Yep, I call it what it is. My husband and I have money that we get weekly and we pull it from there. I don't need to know that he got his 178th 2L of Mountain Dew for the week and he certainly doesn't need to know that I got a new purse. You get the idea. I guess we could call it "blow money" but it's just allowance to us. 

Groceries /Household: Kinda self explanatory. I let this fund roll over and when I see a great sale I am ready to stockpile.

Clothing: I know I am amazed that these kids grow too but we have to be prepared for when they need new clothes (us too).

Birthdays: Both of my children have late fall/winter birthdays and I need this section so that I am not stealing from Christmas fund to have a party. #Truth

Christmas: When I put a little in there every payday then when I see a great deal I can grab it throughout the year!

Entertainment:  This is an important fund so that you are prepared and can plan some fun times with family and friends. 

The KIDS  This is where I put money every payday and let it build up. We use it for those yearbooks, school photos, books, school uniforms, school supplies etc. It might sound silly, I know that every year they get pictures taken for school and they are crazy expensive. This way I don't have to worry about and figure out which fund I am taking that from. 

Of course you can find tons of envelope systems all over the place. Dave Ramsey has this FPU Designer Envelope System, which ever one you choose I know that it will bless you and your family!

Are you planning on going Cash Only in 2019? What categories will you have?

Is Aquafit for You? Check it out in Person for FREE!

Image result for ymca las vegas centennial hills pool

Look at that refreshing water. It is so inviting, isn't it?!? I love swimming, it is my favorite sport. I actually lettered in Swim Team 3 years in high school. 

Anyway, we are not here for all my high school memories. We are here to chat about the YMCA pool and the Aquafit class. 

Last month, I didn't attend any classes. I just went to the gym, the outdoor pool and that was it. The classes can be very intimidating especially if you are going alone. So this month was about me just picking a class I wanted to check out and jumping out of that comfort zone of mine. 

For those that don't know what Aquafit is, it's a water aerobic class that is in deep or shallow water. It is low impact. So if you have an injury or anything, this is great for movement without strenuous impact. That is one of the reasons I picked this particular class. I am having some major sciatic issues so I figured I would give this class a try and hope not to flare it up anymore. 

The first thing I learned is that you should be in chest level water. I was in the shallow water to begin with which was a mistake because I am tall. I was unaware and figure I should tell you now so you are not like me. 😊 Don't be like Geri. I do have to say that I met lots of great people that thought it was hilarious that I was on my knees doing some of the moves because I was WAY too tall for where I was in the water. 

I didn't really have big expectations on this Aquafit class. I thought we would just hangout in the water, kick a little bit, maybe walk around in the water fighting against the current of the water,  boy was I wrong. We used different pool equipment, noodles and weights. We used our body weight to float (core strength) while doing arm and leg exercises. This might not sound that hard, but it let's you know right away if your core needs additional help or not. When I left, I felt muscles that I forgot I had. 

This wasn't a hard class it was a fun class that helped build on your core and strength gently. I had a great time and it was really fun. The people in the class were so friendly. I think they go everyday because they all seem to know each other but they welcomed new people in the class. I loved that. 

This class had some cardio, strength training and helped with endurance all while being refreshed and cool in the water. We need that when the temperature in Vegas yesterday was 113 according to my car. 

This class is great for all ages and levels. I even met someone in class that didn't know how to swim. She was in the shallow end and standing up the entire time so she was safe. 

Don't forget that this is the last weekend that the YMCA outdoor pool will be open for this 2019 season. I know my kids will be sad to see it closed.

Would you like to try Aquafit or any of the other classes this month? I have some FREE 30 day family passes to give away if you are in Vegas. Leave a comment below with one thing you hope to accomplish this fall. 

How the Total Money Makeover Changed Our Lives!

It feels like yesterday but this journey started 9 years ago last April. I was pregnant with munchkin #2 and we finally got the van I had been saving and saving for. We had $6100 to put down on that van, which took us 2 years to save, not bad right? I was so happy to get that van because the one stroller didn't fit in my Ford Escort, I knew that a double stroller was not going to work.
Our payments were lots for us, (about twice as much as my last car loan) but we were going to make it work. We had a 5 year loan at $491.91 per month. I don't think I will ever forget that amount. About 2 weeks after we purchased the van our church handed out a book called "The Total Money Makeover: Classic Edition: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness". I read the book and knew I want to become financially free. In the book Dave talks about car loans, he says that if you cannot pay the car loan in 18 months you can't afford that car.  How do I say this.... I was SO MAD! "Are you kidding me Dave, do you know how long it took for me to save for this van!!!" I decided then that we were going to follow the baby steps of the Total Money Makeover and get ALL of our debt paid off and start saving for Financial FREEDOM!

We did everything that book said, we put a "name to all of our money". We knew where every penny is going. We took this money makeover head on.
Every extra dime we had went to pay off the van, if I used a coupon, then the value of the coupon went to toward that van. If my husband worked extra hours, it went toward that van.
With the "gazelle intensity" we were able to pay off that van ($29,000) in 12 months, on one income, with 2 babies in the house. Did you read that right? YEP 12 months $29,000 and that van is MINE!!!!  I am hooked. I can't tell you the happiness we feel every month now that we don't have a car loan.  I know that this works and we are now on a CASH ONLY budget. We are not using Credit Cards or Debit Cards.

At this point in our lives we only have the mortgage as our debt. I want to have that paid off and be truly financially free! (I mean really.... can you imagine having NO MORTGAGE?    I can't wait)

Air Fried Montreal Chicken Strips 0SP

I can't even tell you how much I am loving this air fryer! Why didn't I listen when I saw everyone one else getting one. I should have caved in on that peer pressure! So I have been really having some issues with meal planning and this week needs to start off right. We have tons of events and sports stuff to attend and time is limited. 
Today I went to Samsclub where I picked up some boneless skinless chicken breasts and decided I was going to be making a weeks worth of chicken and have it ready to go. 
This is one easy recipe that is no big deal but so worth it when you are running from event to event and you have no time for dinner!

Air Fried Montreal Chicken Strips 0SP 
Cleaned the boneless skinless chicken breast
Cut up the chicken into strips
Poured a little bit or as much as you want of McCormicks Grill Mates Montreal Chicken Seasoning. Nothing fancy. 
Sprayed the air fryer tray with Pam
Place on the tray in a single layer. 
Cook at 375 degrees for 6 minutes turn and cook an additional 5 minutes.  

These chicken tenders are so juicy and delicious. You can eat them just like they are, add them to a salad, make a wrap. The possibility are endless and they are no WW Smart points which makes it even better.

Office Depot Back to School 7/28-8/3

Way to go Office Depot. I am excited for a few of these Back to School Deals.

My favorites are:

Elmers school Glue: $0.33ea
Lexar JumpDrive: $3.99
Office Depot Filler Paper: $0.50ea
Backpacks: $10
Office Depot #2 Pencils 12pk: $0.75
Crayola Markers: $1
Crayola Crayons 24pk: $0.33ea
Paper Mate Ballpoint pens: $0.99ea
Office Depot Ruler: $0.25
Westcott 5" Kids Scissors 2pk: $1