Trim Healthy Mama Orange Creamsicle Shake (E)

I remember begging my parents for orange creamsicles as a kid and I guess I really miss it. I have been working on eating healthier and let's face it, eating healthier doesn't include incredible, delicious treats like Orange Creamsicles.  That is until now, I was looking in the Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook and I found this recipe for the Orange Creamsicle Shake. Nothing sounds wrong with this picture so I made it today.
It does include cottage cheese which might sound a little weird but believe me, you will never know it's in there. The second you blend the orange, milk and cottage cheese you can't tell what's in there but the protein and goodness are there. :)

I am shocked at the flavor! It taste just like the Orange Creamsicles I remember as a kid. I did add more Orange Vitality Essential oils to give it a more orange flavor.  I used my ghetto 2 quart mason jar because when you use citrus essential oils they need to be in glass or stainless steel containers. 

The normal recipe from the Trim Healthy MamaCookbook would make a little less, I did add an extra cup of ice so that I would have more without added calories. 

Check out this pin for the full recipe. It's awesome and you are going to love it.  

What's your favorite THM or Healthy recipe?

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