Is Aquafit for You? Check it out in Person for FREE!

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Look at that refreshing water. It is so inviting, isn't it?!? I love swimming, it is my favorite sport. I actually lettered in Swim Team 3 years in high school. 

Anyway, we are not here for all my high school memories. We are here to chat about the YMCA pool and the Aquafit class. 

Last month, I didn't attend any classes. I just went to the gym, the outdoor pool and that was it. The classes can be very intimidating especially if you are going alone. So this month was about me just picking a class I wanted to check out and jumping out of that comfort zone of mine. 

For those that don't know what Aquafit is, it's a water aerobic class that is in deep or shallow water. It is low impact. So if you have an injury or anything, this is great for movement without strenuous impact. That is one of the reasons I picked this particular class. I am having some major sciatic issues so I figured I would give this class a try and hope not to flare it up anymore. 

The first thing I learned is that you should be in chest level water. I was in the shallow water to begin with which was a mistake because I am tall. I was unaware and figure I should tell you now so you are not like me. 😊 Don't be like Geri. I do have to say that I met lots of great people that thought it was hilarious that I was on my knees doing some of the moves because I was WAY too tall for where I was in the water. 

I didn't really have big expectations on this Aquafit class. I thought we would just hangout in the water, kick a little bit, maybe walk around in the water fighting against the current of the water,  boy was I wrong. We used different pool equipment, noodles and weights. We used our body weight to float (core strength) while doing arm and leg exercises. This might not sound that hard, but it let's you know right away if your core needs additional help or not. When I left, I felt muscles that I forgot I had. 

This wasn't a hard class it was a fun class that helped build on your core and strength gently. I had a great time and it was really fun. The people in the class were so friendly. I think they go everyday because they all seem to know each other but they welcomed new people in the class. I loved that. 

This class had some cardio, strength training and helped with endurance all while being refreshed and cool in the water. We need that when the temperature in Vegas yesterday was 113 according to my car. 

This class is great for all ages and levels. I even met someone in class that didn't know how to swim. She was in the shallow end and standing up the entire time so she was safe. 

Don't forget that this is the last weekend that the YMCA outdoor pool will be open for this 2019 season. I know my kids will be sad to see it closed.

Would you like to try Aquafit or any of the other classes this month? I have some FREE 30 day family passes to give away if you are in Vegas. Leave a comment below with one thing you hope to accomplish this fall. 


  1. This looks awesome! I’ve been looking for a place to try aqua fit! I need to add more to my workouts other than walking my kids to and from school ��

  2. This looks awesome! I have been looking for something different like aqua fit to do as exercise besides walking my son to and from school