Breakfast Burritos only 3 Weight Watchers Points

I have been really trying to not only eat better but to stay within budget! These last 6 months have been really hard emotionally on so many people. I know we haven't been eating the best and we have depending on way too many "comfort foods". I am not sure why no matter how great my eating habits are when my emotions take over, they take over not only my health but my choice of foods. 

I know that the grocery store prices have been rising in the last few months. Maybe it is because of the shipments, demand or new mandate limits for employees to be 6 feet away from everyone. Whatever the reasons, you have probably noticed the increase of your grocery bill as well. 

Here is a little something I have been making that doesn't take up too much time, it's only $0.80 ea and doesn't take up too much space in the freezer. The best part is it is only 3 Blue Smart Points. 
Looking to join Weight Watchers be sure to use this link to score a month for freeTalk about a win/win. 

You could totally add any veggies that you want and really make these to your liking. This is "that" kind of recipe. Add what you want and what your family will eat

I can make about 10 burritos in about 30 minutes. That is to cook, assemble and package. 

Ingredients I used and the prices broken down. I do most of my shopping at Samsclub.
16oz Sliced Mushrooms          $2.88                                   
10 Eggs                                $1.10                              
10 Ole Tortillas                      $2.49                            
10 TBS Shredded cheese       $0.37                             
10 pieces of Turkey Bacon       $1.13                            
Grand total                          $7.97
This made 10 burritos at $0.80 each!

  • Take the mushrooms and cook them down in a pan sprayed with Pam. About 5 min
  • Cook the Turkey Bacon to your liking
  • Then whisk together 10 eggs 
  • When the mushrooms are done, remove them from the pan and apply more Pam in the pan.
  • Start cooking the eggs and add the mushrooms back in. Cook until eggs are done. 
  • In a griddle, cook the tortillas. (I have made some without doing this step and the tortilla falls apart)
    • Put tortilla on the griddle until it starts forming bubbles, then flip. You are just "toasting" the tortilla.
  • Take the tortilla with a couple of spoonfuls of egg mixture
  • Add a TBS of shredded cheese
  • Add 1 Turkey Bacon slice, crumbled
  • Roll the tortilla like a burrito (or a Subway employee)
  • Wrap with aluminum foil and then place them in a freezer storage bag. 
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