#AntMan in theaters today!

Today is the day that all Superheroes have been waiting for! Ant-Man is here!  I had the absolute privilege of seeing it earlier this week.  As a mom and wife of a couple of Superhero fanatics it was critical that I be up to date on Ant-Man.

When going to the movie I made sure not to read or listen to anyone else's opinions or reviews. I feel sometimes they give way too much information. I like to be surprised and enjoy the movie. With that said I am so sad that the entire cast will not be back for any other Marvel movies because of the catastrophe of ant bug spray at the end.
Just kidding! 

When I first heard that Paul Rudd was going to be Ant-Man I really wasn't sure what to expect. Rudd is the cute "brother" from Clueless not a Superhero. I was wrong, Rudd did a great job. 

Like all Marvel Superheroes they all started out as ordinary people just like you and me. Scott Lang (Rudd) is no different, when he is Ant-Man he has the ability to shrink in size and has incredible strength making him an incredible threat to the villains or awesome ally for the Avengers!

If you like the other Marvel movies I think you will love this one, it very entertaining, funny and had the entire audience silenced.  This movie explains exactly how Ant-Man becomes a Superhero, which is always the best part of the movies for me. I have that "need" to know mentality and knowing how Superheroes met or became Superheroes is the best part.  I feel that if I tell you too much of the movie it will absolutely ruin it for you. 

We will be letting the kids see this movie. It did have a couple of curse words in it but nothing like Guardians of the Galaxy

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