Guardians of the Galaxy Opens Today

Today the greatest movie in the galaxy has been released: Guardians of the Galaxy! This is a new Marvel "adventure".  I honestly didn't hear much about this film before going to see it on Tuesday and I was pleasantly surprised.  It's not an Avenger movie but it still links lots of the same "people".  Maybe Marvel will some how combine these characters to defeat the world together, but I am not sure how that could happen. Let's leave that stuff to Stan Lee and Marvel. ;)

This film starts off in 1988 when the main character Peter Quill as a little boy, then you flash ahead 26 years.  Let's just stop right there for a second. If you are a child of the 80's, can you really believe it has been 26 years!  Oh my word!  Anyway, now that my heart hurts a little that 26 years just flew by lets get back to this movie. 
Peter Quill is all grown up and is a thief. I am sure they have better words for that but that is what he is.  He steals an Orb and finds himself wanted for lots of "money" to retrieve him and the orb. (At the beginning it had lots of similarities to Star Wars and Hans Solo.)  Due to this orb he finds an unlikely team with Peter Quill joined by Gamora, Rocket, Drax and Groot.

I don't want to give too much about the movie (I hate spoilers) but Gamora is actually the adopted daughter of Thanos, yep the same Thanos that was at the end of the Avenger Movie. What does this mean? I have no idea I was just really excited that I recognized a character. It was like I had inside knowledge from all the other Avenger Phase 1 movies. 

This newly formed "Guardians of the Galaxy" have to defeat Ronan, a powerful villain who has threaten the entire Universe. Will they succeed?  You will have to go and check it out.

This was a great movie to watch in 3D. I'm usually am not a 3D fan but you will find this movie has lots of action and their is never dull moment. I was surprised at how funny it was, if you loved the humor in the Avenger movies that humor is back in this one and more of it.

I think one of the best things about going to this movie is that I really had no idea what to expect. I do hate spoilers so I won't ruin the movie for you.  If you go I would love to hear if you liked. it.

On a side note:  We are huge superhero fans. My husband has been collecting comic books forever.  My 8 year old son learned to read with comic books.  As much as we loved this movie we are NOT going to allow our children to watch this film.  Our children are 8 and 6 and the language is not appropriate for them. It wasn't just one or two bad words it was lots of adult words that we know they would be asking us on the way home, "what does pr**k mean?" "Why did they call her a wh**e?"
These are not questions I want to be answering right now.  I was told a couple weeks ago that these Disney Marvel films are not made for children, they are created for the children of the 70s and 80s that are grown up. Well I disagree!  These "grown up" adults all have children and have taught these children to know the characters and love them just as much as when Stan Lee was sitting at that table creating these magical places. Marvel will miss out on the next generation of comic book lovers by the nude pictures in the comic books (if you haven't purchased a comic book recently you need to really look and make sure before you allow your child to read them) and the language in these films. This movie would be just as funny, exciting and interesting without the curse words. I just feel really bad that I have to tell my little man that even though he loves these Marvel characters, he won't be able to see this film for a few years.
Maybe as the years go by, when you buy the BluRay combo back, we will receive a "made for TV" version of the movie with all the bonus features.
That's my 2 cents.

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