Inside Out in Theaters Today!

I had the privilege to see Inside Out a couple of weeks ago. 

It starts off with a short film called Lava! I have to admit that these short films that Pixar has been placing at the beginning of these new films are really cute.  This film is about of the best subjects in life... love! 

Inside Out is one of the movies that we have been patiently waiting for. I think we saw a preview last year and the kids just looked at me and gave me the "we want to see this one" look. I have to admit, I wanted to see it too. 
Have you ever wanted to know exactly what is going on in your head or better yet in the mind of other? Well Inside Out will tackle that topic. 
The stars of this movie are the main 5 emotions: Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness.  The names should say it all. Imagine these 5 emotions taking full control of 11 year old Riley. I love how they are at the "control panel" controlling everything that Riley is going through each and every day.  
Riley soon has to relocate to a new place, new school, and is out of her comfort zone making her emotions run on over drive trying to help her adjust to all the new things happening.  Joy tries to be in control and why not, she is the happiest and wants the best for Riley. Right? At the same time Sadness is trying to figure out where she belongs.


That is where the story gets a little too close to home. I don't know about you but I have a tendency to try and take control thinking that I know what is best. Joy and happiness is what I would want for my kids not thinking about the importance of all the other emotions. 

This is a must see movie for you and your family this summer. 

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