Smiths 11/07/10 Mega SALE!!!

Total before coupons and rewards $208

Today my husband and I went to Smiths to take advantage of the Mega Sale. 

I know my rule is no kids and no husbands = lots of savings, but I needed him, we actually had 2 carts full. :)

We picked up:

11 American Beauty Pasta   $.49ea
   4 Beauty Quick Cook Pasta, any .55/1 SS-10/3
   2  $.50/1 printable here
   making them $2.19 for all 11

3 Campbells Cream of Mushroom/Chicken $.49
Use $1.50/3 here.
making them 3 cents overage

6 Heinz gravy  $.75
used 2   $1/3 here
41cents each or $2.50 for the 6

73 Gatorade $.49 This is why I needed my man, they are for him so he can do some manual labor. :)
  6 peelie coupons for $1/3

9 Red Baron Pizza $2.78
 used 5  $1/1 SS-8/29  and
 used 4  any $1/1 SS-10/24
   making them $1.78ea

2 Colgate Toothbrushes
use $1/1  SS-10/31

6 Stove Top $.75
 3 printable $1.00/2  here or here
  Paid 1.50 total

110 items that were part of the MEGA SALE.   Make sure your is count right and that the right number of $5 MEGA EVENTS come off your bill when the cashier hits total.  I made my cashier (I love her) count with me 11 - $5 offs before paying.

2  Great American - Catfish $8.99ea

4 Mountain Dairy Milk $2.39ea

2 Kroger Sour cream $.98ea
  used $.40/2 from my Smiths Check reward envelope I got yesterday.
   I love you Smiths

1 loaf Kroger white bread $.99ea

4 Pillsbury Cinnamon rolls $1  (I had a raincheck)
   2  - $.75/2   GeneralMills-10/3
   surprise Ecoupon -$.40 forgot about it.

Do you all remember my Rule about NO HUSBANDS???? Well, he found this in the discounted Halloween Candy.  He knows better now adays and asked me/told me that it was only $.50 well....

first off gross.... BLACK licorice ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Whatever it is only $.50 right???

WRONG, I checked the receipt and these bad (nasty) boys were $2.19.  I stick to my rule NO HUSBANDS!               :) I love you baby!

After all coupons and my DOUBLE POINTS over $40 and my $14 Rewards Check. I paid OOP $72.33.  I also received a $1 Catalina for the Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls. Woohoo Smiths for not having them when I wanted them.

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