Possibly free Coffee-mate creamer at Smiths

If you are interested in Coffee-Mate creamer for FREE check out this site Here.   We don't have Kroger but we have Smiths. I think you will have some overage by using the coupon she mentions but I am not 100% sure without looking at the ad.

Happy Coffee Drinking!

Thanks moneysavingmom


  1. It worked. The creamer was $1.29 I think and I used the $1.50 coupon. OVERAGE WOOHOO!!

  2. COOL! I guess I need to go to Smith's. Did it let you print 2? I only got one.

    I don't drink coffee but I was thinking this would make some tasty hot chocolate :)

  3. Yes, I was able to print 2 from my computer and had no problem using them at Smiths. :)

    Never really thought about using it in Hot Cocoa. Let me know how it comes out.