I'm Geri! I am a wife and busy mom of two teenagers. I met my now husband when we were in first grade! Can you believe that!?! We even went to Homecoming together our senior year as friends. Then 10 years later we were getting married. Friends make the best spouses. 
I am one of those rare gals that was born and raised in Vegas. #VegasBorn I absolutely think it's normal to see video poker machines everywhere and am confused by the words "last call".

When I became pregnant with our first munchkin, we decided that it would be best if I stay home. From that moment on we have lived on one income and haven't looked back. We have had some good times and really hard times (market crashed in Vegas hard) but some how we have made it. Our goal as a family is to be 100% debt free! We are only one step away from that but it's the biggie, the house! We live on cash only, so my budget and shopping list have to be right on because I have no emergency blanket of a debit or credit card to fall back on. This goal might sound crazy but it can be done I believe that.

Since starting this journey I have paid off my van in 12 months.  Starting teaching Financial Freedom classes to help others become debt free and am now helping small business owners do the same thing! My ultimate goal is to help as many couples, families or even singles become debt free and not have that burden on them! 

Join me on our journey to becoming debt free without losing our minds!

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