Can you be Debt FREE? Heck Yes you can!

If you had an $400 emergency, would you be able to take care of it right now?
That could be a scary questions for some but the fact is that most small emergencies are about $400 and 39% of Americans would not be able to cover that total. 

Just thinking of that is super scary. At any moment we could have vehicle issues, a refrigerator go out, the A/C stop pumping cool air, you name it, something could happen to put you in a situation that could be of some concern. Those hypothetical items I listed above are not something you can wait until payday for. They would need to be repaired and pretty quick. Another horrifying statistic is that 80% of
Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. That was in 2019 during the economic boom, now during the pandemic, I am sure that number is through the roof. As if those weren’t shocking enough, money is the number 1 reason couples get divorced. Number 1! Money or lack thereof causes fights, divorce, stress, overwhelming, depression, anxiety and so many other issues that don't need to be. 

I don’t think that people are living paycheck to paycheck because they think it is cool. They aren’t doing it because they like “living on the edge” I personally think 80% are living paycheck to paycheck because they weren’t taught how to look at money. How to manage it. It might seem boring or hard to use a budget. Maybe budget is a bad word. Does it make you feel that they are now restricted so, why bother. 

What if I told you that creating a budget or an expense sheet will free you, would you believe me? A little planning, will help you to see where your money is going so that you can have your “cake and eat it too”! You can still buy those clothes, you can still go out and eat, you can even do those amazing trips you love so much.

The only difference is you will be planning for them ahead of time, so that you can afford them. Maybe your trip is on pause for a little bit, 6 months or even a year. The outcome will be that you go to more places or come home to NO credit card bills.

If you have ever experienced a vacation or even Christmas that is paid off before it happens, you would never go back. Those trips mean more when you are not stressing out about how you are going to pay for it.

What about your marriage! Can you imagine what it would like if
you didn’t have to fight about money. Does that even seem possible? No more fighting! It can happen when you are both on the same plan and working toward that plan.
I get it, we live in an instant gratification world. We text someone and if they don’t reply back immediately, we start to wonder why. (pssst, they could be in the bathroom) 

Instead of saving for an item: a purse, a car or even a new house, we just go out and get it now because “we deserve it”. We might get it because “we will look cooler when everyone sees us with XYZ”. Regardless if you are purchasing items to “keep up with the Jones’” or not, we all do this to some degree. The question to ask yourself is why? Why do you need that item, right now? Why are we looking for others approval? In the big picture of life, they don’t matter.

If not fighting about money sounds like something you want to try. 
If you want to walk into the Christmas season with a plan so that it's paid for before December 25th. If you are just sick and tired of working so hard but you can't figure out where your money went, you should join us in the next session Financial Freedom! 

  • This is not one of those courses that tells you can't have fun ever again. 
  • This is not a course that is boring and hard to follow
  • This course has quick, easy and simple steps in order to get that financial plan up and running
  • This IS a group of like minded people that are working on similar goals, and they are simple. Plan your money!
Check out Financial Freedom! What do you have to lose... some debt?


  1. I am taking Geri's course right now and loving it! I thought it would be hard and impossible to do and have to give up my first born child or something. What I found is that those small tweaks she mentioned are easier than I thought. Knowing where your money is and where it is going is Power!

    Before this course I used to keep my head in the sand on finances somehow thinking if I didn't deal with looking at the numbers in my checkbook or on my charge card I could buy anything and everything because I had credit.

    Now I am excited going into vacation Monday debt free. I am looking forward to the holidays staying debt free. No more January buyers remorse going on here! We will even be prepared for things that pop up along the way because we are keeping our credit cards paid off.

    I guess I never realized that paying my charge the next month was keeping me behind. Now I pay it off weekly. Every Friday I know where my money is going and how much we need. I am not perfect but I am in check much more now!

    I have trimmed our grocery bill, believe me never thought I could do that either. We eat lots of organic and fresh produce. Geri taught us ways we could save on the groceries, cell, internet and so much more.

    Thank you so much Geri for the easiest spreadsheets to keep me on track! I am not a spreadsheet girl but you make this super simple.

    I can't wait to start your Financial Freedom Business Edition! Time to get my business in check too!

    1. Jennifer I am so happy that you are gaining success! That is what this is all about. We have some big stuff coming for the next year, I can't wait to share!