Why we have decided to Pay Cash for Christmas

We have decided to pay cash for Christmas.  

Sounds crazy right?  We did this last year for the first time and the stress of the holidays and paying for them into the New Years was gone!

It's no secret that we are on a mission to become Financially Free!  It has totally changed our lives and been the best thing we have ever done.  We were able to pay off our van in the first 12 months of this mission. Sounds impossible but it happened and I have the title to prove it.

Here are some of my reasons to use cash over cards.

  • The number 1 reason for using CASH, is you FEEL money.  When I swipe my card, I really am not paying attention to the amount I just spent or how I am going to pay for it later. When I use the cash it hurts a little to see my dollars disappear.

  • When you pay with cards, whether it is Credit or Debit Cards you spend an average of 12-18% more. That may not seem like a lot but it can really add up.  When you pay cash you really pay attention to what is in your cart and how much it is. Lets face it, it's embarrassing to put things back because you don't have enough cash to pay for it.  That is my fear. :)

  • When we are celebrating New Year's we are not thinking about all the bills that are going to follow us. We are starting the New Year with a fresh start

  • I have already started an cash envelope for Christmas and when I see Coupons or deals I can start shopping now. Why wait until Black Friday or the "Christmas Shopping Season".

How do you pay for Christmas?


  1. I bought several Christmas gifts at garage sales on Saturday, including puzzles, a game, clothing, and jewelry. I paid for all of them with cash.

    I know you're not a person who uses credit cards, so I take it you are using cash instead of a debit card this year.

    I also used Swagbucks to get some gift cards to purchase some items from Amazon for gifts.

    I did some surveys for money that I will use to buy supplies from Etsy to make some other gifts.

    1. Actually we don't even have Debit Cards, I think for us we would overdraft the account with both of using it and a certain someone not telling me how much "he" spent. LOL
      We have credit cards and have switched from using them and paying them off monthly to using cash.