Disney Live is in Las Vegas October 2-4

Disney Live is back in Las Vegas, just in time for my little princess' birthday. This year it is all about the classic princesses, Snow White, Cinderella and Belle! My little one let me know that Cinderella is her absolute favorite princess, followed by Belle and Snow White.
We made jokes about Disney clearing the itinerary of tonight's show with her since it is her birthday and her top 3 princesses were in the show. Leave it to my smarty pants daughter to agree with us. She might be expecting a call next year before the writers start production of next year's Disney Live. 
The show starts off with Snow White! I was really surprised by all the costumes. I am not sure why, because we are talking about Disney after all! They were great, I was really impressed by the Evil Queen and her transformation into the old "witch" trying to trick Snow White into eating the poisonous apple. 

She was just as creepy as she ever was.  In fact when we were watching and this "old witch" who Snow White has never met offers her an apple. I actually whispered into my daughter's ear, "Would you take food or even talk to a stranger like that!" It's definitely something I never thought about when watching the movies growing up. 
Then we move into the story of Cinderella! My little one was so excited for this one. Just look at Gus and Jus! I'm telling you, you don't expect to see Cinderella's 2 best furry friends in a live show but they are there and it was just incredible. Of course, the fairy godmother comes and helps Cinderella to the ball and it seems like time stopped when she walked into the ball and Prince Charming's jaw dropped. That is until midnight but then you know the rest of this story. 
I think Belle had the most impressive costumes! Especially from Ms Pots, Lumière, and Cogsworth.
I know Beauty and the Beast is not the same without them and it isn't, I love that Disney went all out and created such phenomenal character costumes and actors on the stage. 
If you are looking for a magical and enchanting evening, join Mickey and Minnie as they share 3 of the best classic princess fairy tale stories. You will sing along with the music (I dare you not to). This show was an hour and a half and that included a 15 minute intermission. 
We saw lots of princess and superheros all over the arena, so grab your favorite costume and head over to The Orleans Arena, this weekend! 
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