Marvel Universe Live In Las Vegas April 23-26

It is absolutely no secret that we are Marvel Superhero fanatics. In fact our son's nursery was decorated with Spiderman. He learned to read with Comic books and he cried when Captain America The Winter Soldier was over because he wasn't ready for it to end. You can't even imagine the excitement he had when we surprised him with tickets to Marvel Universe Live!
As we entered the building you could just tell that we would be safe with all the superheroes around us. It seemed that everyone was dressed in their favorite Marvel superhero costumes. It was really cool to see not only kids but the adults dressing up too. Before you ask, no I didn't have an outfit on but I would make an awesome Black Widow. ;)

Once the show started it was non stop action, everything from fight scene, motorcycle stunts, pyrotechnics and high wire acrobatics wrapped around a great story line. Don't worry if you are not familiar with all the Marvel Characters you will be able to keep up and understand what is going on. 
Our fearless Heroes included Ironman, Wolverine, Thor, Black Widow, Captain America, Hawkeye, Falcon, Nick Fury, Captain Marvel, Hulk, Storm, Cyclops, and Spiderman. They had to defeat 25 villains including Red skull, Madame Hydra, Dr Ock, Green Goblin, Rhyno, The Lizard, Killian, and Loki (Thor's brother). 
You could just tell that lots of thought and work went into this show, from the story line to the special effects. I was very impressed by Spiderman, he was probably my favorite. If you have watched the new Spiderman cartoons you will notice that he is always flipping and bouncing off the walls (no pun intended) and it was no different tonight. Spiderman was truly an acrobatic professional. Every time he turned around he was flipping, hanging on ropes and fighting crime. I know that sounds strange that I would be impressed by that but I think they picked the perfect person to play Spiderman.
If you are looking for a fabulous Family show that the kids are going to love, check out Marvel Universe Live at the Thomas & Mack, April 23-26.  Get 25% off tickets with this link make sure you use coupon code: MOMS. Not valid on Front Row or VIP seats.

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