#Cinderella in Theaters today March 13th!

Today is the day that Princesses from all the lands have been waiting for! Cinderella is in theaters today!
Before Cinderella even started you will have the pleasure of watching Frozen Fever, a short story with our favorite characters from Frozen. It's Anna'a birthday and Elsa is doing her very best to make today the best birthday ever! Elsa has everything she needs to make that happen.  See all the craziness that happens in true Frozen fashion.

I had the honor and privilege of being one of the first to see Cinderella in the theaters. I took my 7 year old princess with me for a girls night!
Growing up, Cinderella was one of my favorite Princesses. In fact whenever I had to clean my room (which was always) I felt that I was Cinderella. I mean come on, how dare my parents make me clean my own room. The torture!!! Ha ha ha
Since we all know the story of Cinderella I don't need to worry about spoilers. This movie is very close to the original Cinderella from 1950, but they made it come to life. 

Cinderella (Lily James) was not a special princess to begin with, she was a normal little girl with wonderful parents that absolutely adore her.  All of a sudden in true Disney fashion, her mother dies unexpectedly.  Years later her father believes it's time to try again for happily ever after and remarries.  Ella supports her loving father's decision and welcomes her new stepmother (Cate Blanchett) and step sisters. After all, that is what you do when you love someone.
On a business trip Ella's father passes away and she is left to live with her step mother and sisters. Quickly, she finds herself becoming the servant of the house. It was quite amazing how her step mother turned her kindness into misleading and mistreatment every time. Despite the miserable circumstances Ella had to deal with, she always remembered what her mother told her have "courage and be kind".
The hatred that Ella had to endure from her step mother and sisters all stemmed from jealousy. They were all so jealous of Ella's beauty, kindness, respect and love from her father. Jealousy makes people absolutely evil!
Through all the bad comes the good too. She meets a handsome man (Richard Madden) in the woods. Not knowing he was the Prince she falls for him. Soon after all the maidens in the land are summoned to the palace for a royal ball, where the prince will pick a wife! Can you imagine the excitement, a commoner could actually have the opportunity to be a princess or queen. 
Ella is so excited to hear about this news because she might be reunited with her mystery man in the woods. She fixes her mother's old dress and looks beautiful. All those dreams are ruined when her step mother and sisters destroy her dress and forbid her to go.  
That's when the magic really begins, and her fairy god mother appears to make her dreams come true! She gets the carriage, horses, and the dress. Just look at that beautiful dress! It was absolutely gorgeous! 

She heads off to the royal ball and has an absolutely wonderful time with her mystery man, then he tells her that he is the prince. She really had no idea, which makes this story even better and shows her character. 
Of course you know the ending, the clock stricks midnight and she is off before the spell is broken. Her prince doesn't even know her name and orders his men to search for the girl that fits into the glass slipper. He finally finds her and they live happily ever after!  
I have to say that I usually don't like remakes, because it just seems like the writers don't have any new ideas and had to use old materials to get a "job done". This is true exception! I was shocked and pleasantly surprised at all the details that were thought about in the making of this movie. I thought the palace was excellent, from the paintings on the wall to the furniture. I truly believed they were in the royal palace. They took a lot thought to make the outfits and hair resemble the original Cinderella movie. It was just amazing.

The cast was phenomenal!  I was a bit concerned when I saw Cate Blanchett who plays Lady Tremaine (the step mother) on the screen I thought, "that is Daisy from The Curious Case of Benjamin Button". How is she going to make me believe she is an evil step mother! Well, she is one great actress because after a few minutes and seeing her evilness I totally believed that she was mean, cruel and everything you envision an "evil step mother" would be.

If you are looking for a great night out with the girls or your little girl, I highly recommend this movie. It is magical!

This is definitely a movie that we will be purchasing for Christmas. In fact, my little one already put it on her Christmas list. :)

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