Vision Board for 2015

A couple of years ago I started making Vision Boards. A Vision Board is where you store all your goals that you want to accomplish within the year.

Do you make goals or resolutions for the New Years?  

I usually sit down and put a few things that I want to accomplish in the year but I usually lose the paper or forget what I am working towards. Last time, I wasn't specific enough with my goals, for example I only wrote "lose weight", I did in fact lose some but not the goal I wanted. This time I wrote that I wanted to lose 50lbs.  I will then break that goal down into months or weeks, so that 50lbs doesn't sound so unrealistic.

I also want to purchase a new home but don't want to get into financial trouble while doing it. So that means I need to save up a hefty down payment. I am not sure how much that down payment will be at this time that is why I didn't write that down but if you are making your own try and be as specific as possible

When I write "Be Debt Free" that means that I will not pay for Christmas on a credit card, I will pay CASH for it. That also means I need to plan now to be able to accomplish that goal.  We paid cash this year and I can't tell you great it feels to not have a credit card bill coming next month.

I know that my vision board is not the most creative but this will work for me. I created this one on my cell phone so that I can make it background and see it everyday. You can also grab some magazines or print off pictures online and make yours anyway you want to. The main purpose is to not lose it and accomplish the things you feel most important. 

I would love to hear what your goals are for 2015.  Lets accomplish them together!


  1. A pound a week--that is impressive!

    Now I know what your goals are so I can encourage you :)

  2. Lose 60 pounds, save $100 per month and quit smoking

  3. Awesome Monica! Let's do it together.

  4. This is so great! I love the visual of making a vision board. Thanks for linking up with Motivational Monday!