Planes Fire & Rescue in Theaters today

You must have seen all the advertising going on about the new Disney Planes Fire and Rescue movie that comes out today.  I have a nephew that is absolutely a Cars and Planes fanatic! No seriously, his room is Disney Cars/Planes, his clothes are Disney Cars/Planes and when he comes over my house he requests the Disney Cars/Planes pillow cases. (So glad we have them here.)  This was the perfect opportunity to take my little 4 year old Planes fanatic on a date with his favorite aunt.  

Planes Fire and Rescue is about about second chances. Dusty a world-famous air racer learns he will never be able to race again because his engine is damaged and not able to replace. He has to make a heart wrenching change and try and get past his dreams and joy of racing. He pursues the world of aerial firefighting to help out his town.  He learns from the best fire and rescue team lead by veteran helicopter Blade. 

This movie had some great parts for everyone. It teaches that not all of our dreams and joys are what we thought.  When things don't go our way it's ok.  Kids and adults need to hear that at times.  

Of course you can expect some great parts in the movie that are geared for the Adults.  My favorite is the "CHoPs" part which was from the old cop TV show "CHiPS". Anyone from the 80's will get it and appreciate it. 

I highy recommending bringing your children to this movie which provides entertainment as well as valuable life lessons.

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