Miracle Grill Mat Review and Giveaway!

Grilling season is here.  Especially if you are in Vegas where we are already creeping toward triple digit weather.  As much as I would like to grill, my husband just really hates cleaning the grill and lets face it, that's his job! That is where that Miracle Grill Mat comes in. The Miracle Grill Mat turns your grill into a 100% non-stick surface with easy clean up.  Well they won me over with those words alone, so when I was asked to try this product out it was a no brainer. 
We could have grilled anything but we thought after watching that video why not try breakfast for dinner, one of our favorites.
We started off with the sausage and bacon.  The Miracle Grill Mat did a great job. It cooked everything evenly and my house doesn't smell like sausage and bacon for the next couple of days.  We soaked up the excess oil with a paper towel, it wiped off very easy and quickly.  As you can see it is clean and ready for the next round.
We decided pancakes, how cool is that, we are cooking pancakes on our grill.  Check out those grill marks. Even though we have the mat, we will still have grill lines. 
My chef was going for a more retro designs on some of our pancakes. Some of them looked plaid, chevron and he was even able to make some look like tic-tac-toe boards. The kids loved that!  We didn't need Pam or butter for pancakes, this mat did what it said, it was NON-Stick!   
We really liked this product and think it would be awesome when camping. When I first got the mats I was surprised at how thin and light weight they are.  It would not only eliminate extra pans but the fact that it is non-stick it will help to not have a mess to try and clean up while camping. 

This would be a great for grilling season or even a gift for Father's Day! 

You can order two Miracle Grill Mats and the special bonus Miracle Baking Mat for only $19.95 with Free Shipping, that is a $40 value.
But that's not all, (do you feel like you are reading a commercial) my readers will get a $5 discount just by entering promo code "GRILL5" at checkout. 

 You can also enter to win your very own The Miracle Grill Mat 2pk. 
To enter the giveaway, fill out the rafflecopter below for your entries. Rafflecopter might take a few minutes to load.  NOTE: The product can only be shipped to the Continental United States.


  1. Ok, mats for the grill look and sound amazing! I need these! Just think of the possibilities!

  2. These look amazing! I would love the easy clean up aspect of cooking it plus I love your idea about making breakfast on the grill!

  3. First off these look amazing! The best reason to get these as a busy mom would have to be the easy clean up. While the guys may cook it we all know we get stuck with the clean up for the most part. Awesome post!

  4. I want these soooo bad. Would be perfect for mushrooms or asparagus.

  5. I love, love, LOVE to grill! Let's just start there. These mats look super cool and super easy. Anyone who grills knows how much it sucks to scrape the grill clean after/before using it and these make clean-up non-existent! What could be better than that? Also, there is no (bad) feeling like spending your time to grill something only to have it fall between the grates. UGH!!! These mats could revolutionize my cookouts!!!

  6. Really? I can cook bacon on my grill.... Beautiful!

  7. Really? I can cook Bacon in my grill... It's a beautiful thing!

  8. I would find use of the Miracle Grill Mat helpful because it would make cleanup easy.

  9. I need this for the grill at the park!!