TKO Family Martial Arts has changed my kid's lives!

It is so hard to find the right extra curricular activity for the kids to do that will not only be fun but helpful in the real world.  I found that place at TKO Family Martial Arts.  

Coach K knew what he was doing when he named it FAMILY Martial Arts. TKO is one big family! He takes a vested interest in every student.  He knows his students, how they are doing in school and what's going on in their lives. My kids are not only learning Taekwondo but they are also learning age appropriate everyday life lessons. As a parent you can tell your kids something 100 times and they can't remember it a minute later but when Coach K tells them, they magically heard it from him for the very first time and REMEMBER IT!

It is amazing, from the first day when you walk in the door Coach K teaches the kids about respect.
When your parents ask you to do something when do you do it?
"Right away SIR!"  
I can't tell you how handy that line has been since having the kids at TKO!  

Coach K has a great balance of authority and humor to let the kids know that he is their friend and keep them in line at the same time.  

My kids have such respect for Coach K that if they are acting up and I say I am going to tell dad. I don't get too much of a reaction.  If I say I am going to call Santa and tell him, I will get a little more of a reaction but it doesn't really change the behavior. If I tell them that I am going to tell Coach K about what they are doing. They start screaming NOOOOOOO don't call him, I will stop!! It is so crazy to me, but it's true! My kids love Coach K so much and really care what he thinks of them (more than Dad, Santa and presents).

TKO Family encourages and motivates the kids, which in turn is teaching my kids to be confident.  I have one kid that is an absolute perfectionist.  NO seriously, if he misspells a word on a homework assignment he would erase his whole entire paper. That's how bad it is.
Since being at TKO, he is still a perfectionist but he is learning to believe in himself and to be confident with his moves and answers.

The classes at TKO are never over crowded because they have such a flexible schedule, which is great with my lifestyle. The classes that we have attended, they have an average of 4-8 students to a class.

They have a homework station and a toddler area which I think is great. I love that my kids can get some of their homework done while we are waiting for the next class. (I think homework is more hassle for the parents than the kids. I hated homework as a kid and now as a parent. Ok, I'm complaining about homework).

Coach K is such a patient person and is phenomenal with kids!  Another great thing about TKO is they let you try it out for 2 weeks for free.  You don't know if you or the kids are going to like something until you try it and they have no contracts. So what do you have to lose?
This is a great place to check out if you are interested in Taekwondo for any ages. They have adult classes too!

TKO Family Martial Arts is located at 1725 S. Rainbow Blvd Suite 22 (Rainbow and Oakey) 702 255 9856. 

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