Geri's 2 Cents on the Coobie Bra

I think one of the worst things to shop for are Bras. I don't know why but it is horrible. Last year I found a bra I liked and instead of shopping for more I just purchased 6 bras in the exact same style, size, brand but I did pick different colors (I'm not totally crazy) just so I didn't have to think about them anymore.  
I was offered the opportunity to check out Coobie Seamless Bras. It is a non-wire bra, I am not sure if that is what it says right away, but that is the first thing I saw when looking at it.  I have to be honest, at first glance I wasn't really sure what to think. I have been wearing "wire" bras since....forever. It's just what you have to do to hold them up right? Doesn't matter that the wire sometimes gets out and you will get poked (you all know what I mean) it is just what you have to do to keep the "girls" in place.  
So, I thought why not. I will give these Coobie Bras a try. They do say they are the most comfortable bras.... lets just see. 

When the bras came in the mail I was pleasantly surprised to see they had shape to them.  They have removable cup padding, which I have never been able to use but because these bras are "one size fits almost every body" I think that is a great feature and will please everyone. 

If you don't want the padding in, just take them out, no big deal.  You will also notice that they don't hook in the back, it just pulls over your head like a sports bra, which is also nice. 
I have found that they are correct, these are VERY comfortable. You will actually forget you are wearing a bra.  This would be a perfect bra to support the "girls" if I were to start running. (Don't laugh, my heart wants to be a runner it's my feet that are "standing" in my way.)
Coobie Bras come in 50+ different colors and 7 different styles to fit everyone's
wants needs. They have 2 sizes 32A - 36D and 38A - 42DD. Kinda makes it easy to pick the right bra for you! 
I love the layered look that is really hot this year! This bra doesn't look like your normal bra. You can use your bra as one of the layers and no one would ever know. With this Vegas heat you are going to need a cooler option like a bra as one of your layers compared to my normal tanks.  We hit 90 degrees in January, so we can only imagine what July will look like for us. 

The only problem that I found with this bra is my expectation.  I saw the website and really thought that by putting on this bra I would look like this.
NewsFlash! That didn't happen. I guess I need to do more sit ups.

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