Captain America The Winter Soldier

Captain America is back in the big screen with another adventure!  We are huge SuperHero/Avenger fans so we have had a count down around here!  
I am not one of those people that give all the details in this review. In fact I hate reading reviews with too many details because I want to be surprised and enjoy my movie without thinking about what I have read.  

With that said, Captain America will be fighting the.... (I can't tell you. It will ruin your enjoyment).  

Captain America was awesome, full of action, battles and surprises. I really liked that, even though they had lots of violence, we didn't see lots of guts. It reminded us (yep, Hubby was actually invited to this one) of the 80's show A-Team, lots of guns and equipment but you didn't have to see all the bloody details. My kind of movie.

If you haven't seen any of the other Avenger movies or spin off movies you will not be left out.  One of the great things that Marvel has been doing is explaining enough details in each movie to make is so you still understand what is going on.  Now if you have seen Marvel Avengers: Phase One, they do have references about the other movies, so that we know Captain America has a "life" outside of the Avengers and the same goes for Iron Man, Thor and Hulk.

I do have a great talent!  I can tell what is about to happen in most movies before it even happens.  Not with this movie!! They had me surprised and shocked quite a few times. 

I have little ones, so during the movie I was also trying to see if it will be acceptable for them to see. I didn't really see anything wrong with this film. I didn't notice any bad language.  We have decided that our 8 and 6 year old will be able to see it. They were super excited to hear that!

Look at that face! What is not to love! 

I was worried before the first Captain America that Chris Evan would always be The beautiful Human Torch from Fantastic Four. He is phenomenal and so believable as Captain America!  I am so glad that they didn't type cast him. I couldn't imagine a better Captain America!  

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