Back to school prices

Can you believe it is already back to school sales, it feels like the kids just got out of school.  We can score some fantastic deal right now that can supply our needs for the entire year. This is a list of my stock up prices.

Penny Deal
Spiral notebooks
Pencil (packs)
Pencil cases
Folders 2 pockets
Index Cards
Post its

Dimes Deals and under
Paper Clips
Pencil cap erasers

Quarter Deals 
Pencil Sharpeners 
Sharpies 2pk
Bic round tip 8 pk pens
Glue Bottles

$0.50 Deals and under
Zipper 3 ring pencil pouch
Wite out 
Scissors (kids)
Composition Notebooks 
Filler Paper

$1 Deals and under
3 ring binder
Ream of paper (Staples after rebate)
Colored Pencils 

Regular Walmart Prices
Spiral notebooks $0.25
Glue Sticks 2pk  $0.25
Crayola Markers $0.97
Crayola Crayons $0.50
Pencils 8ct $0.47
Pencils 20 ct $0.97
Colored Pencils $0.97
3 ring 1" binder $0.97

Don't forget to look around and think outside the box.  If you are a scrapbooker this is a great time to pick up colored staples. If you have an office, look around, what do you need for the year that you can get for pennies?


  1. Where did you find these deals?

    1. Aisha, I found these deals throughout the B2S season. Either Walgreens, Staples, Office Max, Office Depot, Walmart etc. I find a couple of things off my school supply list each week from different stores. I will try and keep everyone posted on what I think the best deals are! :)