My Vision Board 2013

Can you believe that 2012 is almost over?  It just blows me away how fast another year has gone by. 
Do you make goals or resolutions for the New Years?  I usually sit down and put a few things that I want to accomplish in the year but I usually lose the paper or forget what I am working towards. 

Last week I noticed Lana Fuchs mention on twitter about creating a Vision Board.
This weekend I'm creating my vision board for 2013. It's the best way to mock up your year & determine exactly what you want.

I thought about it for a half a second and decided to put one together. Let's face it Lana is quite successful and I can learn from her example.  I created my Vision Board 2013 on my phone, this is now my screen saver and I will look at it every time I open my phone.  I just hope I don't lose my phone. 

I know that my vision board is not the coolest or most creative but this will work for me.  It has all the major goals that I want to work towards.

I would love to hear what your goals are for 2013.  Lets accomplish them together!

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