Where I get 80% of my coupons

Are you wanting coupons but really are annoyed that the Las Vegas Review Journal Sunday paper is $3 EACH.  I was too until I found another way of getting my papers (yep I said paperS) at a cheaper rate.  I have teamed up with Grocery Smarts to offer my Vegas Readers a killer deal. 
You can get up to 5 Sunday ONLY newspapers delivered to your house for as low as $.95ea.  Here is how it works.

I personally have 3 papers delivered to my house.

The reason I can get so many great deals is because I have 3 Las Vegas Review Journal Sunday newspapers delivered to my house every week!

You can order 1 newspaper for $1.75 a week for 6 months up to 5 newspaper with even greater savings of $.95 a paper for 6 months. You can see that is big difference from the $3 per newspaper that everyone else is selling NOT DELIVERED.

Click the link HERE and take advantage of these GREAT DEALS

Don't forget to let them know who sent you! :)


  1. I would definately take advantage of this IF we also got the RP & PG. It just stinks that those don't also come in our Sunday paper here in Vegas. I don't even get those sections in my mail like alot of other people do. STINKS!!! So where do YOU get extras of the RP & PG?

  2. Penny,
    I totally understand your frustration, but I do think that getting the paper delivered pays for itself in the first couple of weeks you have the subscription.

    As for the PG and the Redplum, I have an awesome next door neighbor that doesn't use them and he just puts all his coupons in my mailbox. My mom and mother in law give me the inserts they receive too.
    You can also try Redplum.com, you can get 99% of the same coupons that come in the inserts from that site.