Thanksgiving tips :)

I have never heard of this and am actually shocked.  Check this out Moneysavingmom


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  5. Dh was laughing when I told him about that. We often cook 10 pounds for dinner or breakfast so that was funny.

    What does your husband think about that on the pipes? Let alone the gunk that builds up in the dishwasher? Of course, once a year for Thanksgivng versus every day for us isn't exactly the same. . . .

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  7. Brandy,
    I just asked him and he said that nothing would happen. The dirt would just wash away. You should try it and tell me if it works.

    I figure with my family we eat about 3 potatoes at a time (not 10lbs LOL) so if I am that lazy not to wash 3 potatoes I need help. I just thought it was really interesting. So you need to try it for me. :)