Swagbuck Prizes came today!


I finally ordered and received the kiddos Wallpaper border for their rooms.  I had a bit of a detour with needing a printer more.  I absolutely love Swagbucks!  The total for the 4 packages of Wallpaper border and the black ink cartridge (to print more coupons LOL)  came to $52.85 but I paid ZERO!!!!!!

If you are interested in earning free money. Swagbucks is a great way of doing it. Swagbucks is a search engine, they give you "bucks" randomly throughout the day. As you accumulate the "bucks" you can redeem them for gifts and prizes. Personally, I have been cashing them in for $5 Amazon gift cards.

Search & Win

I would suggest downloading the toolbar, that way everytime you search something it will automatically give you bucks. Plus every once in a while you will see a Swag code in the toolbar, blog or Facebook group. You just enter that code and you have earned even more bucks. :)
If you are interested click here and sign up and start earning prizes today. :)

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