Monster Jam World Finals 2016!

Growing up in Vegas I have always heard about Monster Jam, I've seen commercials but something has always been in the way and we just couldn't attend, until now. On behalf of US Family Guide, we decided to go as a family, we got the kids out of school early so that we could walk around and check out the "Party in the Pits". It sounded exciting and fun. The kids were thrilled to get out of school early and head out to Sam Boyd Stadium made it that much better.
Now, mind you none of us have ever gone to this and we had no idea what to expect. We walked in and you have your normal shops where  you can get your shirts, hats and so much more but the part that we really liked was the actual Monster Trucks. That's right you could actually walk right up to them, take your picture and one of them you could even get in and get a picture with you "driving" (pretend).
If that wasn't cool enough they had remote control monster trucks that you could play with. The kids loved that.
I tried to get some pictures of them doing tricks off the ramp but they didn't come out. :(

The very next tent had 
Xbox Monster Jam video games that you could try. At that point I was excited that they had shade and chairs because it might be March but it was hot outside! 
Now, don't judge me but I said before that we had never gone to Monster Jam so we didn't know the racers. I did see characters walking around that people were taking pictures with and didn't really think much about it. When I saw Cruella de Vil, I did think that she must be burning up in that fur coat but then we were so excited to see all the trucks and I moved on. Well, guess what! She was there because of the Monster Mutt Dalmatian truck of course. 

I don't want to brag or anything but I guess I am pretty good at that Video Game. I did score the fastest time. I rock!
This is all before the races started. Can you image! We are all having a great time and we haven't even seen one race. The track was not what I expected. When I hear race I just think that the vehicles are going around and around but that was not the case here. 
The racers each start on the outside and then turn into the middle area where you see the white "finish" line. It is quick. We did see a couple of fires in the trucks and even a couple that flipped. That is where the mom came out from me. Everyone was screaming and cheering with joy and excitement and I was thinking, "is he/she ok?" "Did you see them get out of the truck?"

We really had a fantastic time. Everyone was talking about how incredible the Saturday freestyle performance is. In fact they said if we enjoyed the races then we would LOVE the freestyle. Next year we plan on going to the Saturday freestyle performance. 
For the finale Max D jumped over 5 monster trucks. It was crazy and he said he was going to jump over 6 trucks next time.

If you are planning an adventure for the entire family be sure to mark your calendars for next years Monster Jam World Finals here in Las Vegas.

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