Debt Free Living: Making Your Own Laundry Detergent and Saving the Difference!

While talking to friends, I just realized that I do things a little strange different than other people. I was kinda shocked, but with that said, I thought I would share one of the different ways I try and save money to help my family become Debt Free.
I find that it is easier for me to save little by little. I mentioned earlier that I make my own Laundry Detergent to save money. It cost about $2 for 10 gallons of detergent. It might sound like one more thing on your to do list but it really only takes 20 minutes.  That kind of savings is worth 20 minutes of my time. I leave the 5 gallon (you dilute the soap with water to make 10 gallons) in the garage and refill the 3 old containers and leave them in my laundry room.

Recently, I started taking $20 and putting it in a jar every time I refill my 3 old Tide Laundry containers. I don't really have any scientific reason for picking the amount of $20.  If I was to purchase Tide at the store, it runs about $11.97 each at Walmart.  I fill up 3 containers at a time, which would equal about $36.  I still have to make the homemade laundry detergent and purchase the products, and lets face it, we have homemade detergent because I can't afford the Tide, so I figured $20 was a good round number. 

I didn't know exactly what to do with the money, until just now as I am typing this. Our washer and dryer are about 12 years old.  The dryer has been making weird noises and has been repaired by hubby multiple times. The washer sometimes likes to skip the rinse and spin cycle. Not sure why, maybe it was just having a bad day and said forget it! Whatever the problems that are coming our way, I want to be prepared and this is not a bad idea, the more I think about it. Can you imagine if they go out and I have a jar full of money ready to help purchase a replacement set. That's my new goal. 

Do you do anything off the grid to save money?

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  1. I love that you set aside money each time you make your own detergent! What a great way to keep yourself going with your frugal habit!

    1. Thanks! That's the plan. I am really hoping the washer and dryer make it until I get enough in the jar for new ones. :) One baby step at a time.