Oscar Mayer 20 Cent lunchmeat

 I know this is a picture from Smiths but just go with it. :)

 Incase you missed this deal last week at Smiths you have another chance.
Word on the streets are that Vons has Oscar Mayer lunch meats on sale for only $1 ea until Tuesday.  When you buy 5 packages a $4 catalina will print out for your next purchase.  You have until 6/10 for this catalina to print. 

Purchase 5 Oscar Mayer Lunch meat  $1 ea
Pay $5 OOP 
Receive $4 catalina for your next purchase
Like paying $1 for all 5 packages or 20 cents each 
and the Catalina is rolling, which means you can use that catalina to purchase more lunch meat. :)

I ended up getting 20, they are only 2oz, which is still a great price for 20cents but you can also throw them in the freezer and use them as needed.

Don't know what a Catalina is?  Check out this explanation!

Thanks Melly 


  1. Catalina means coupon, right?

  2. Yes, it is a coupon that prints out after your transaction. Not all stores have Catalina machines. Walmart for instance doesn't have one, so I would not price match there for this particular deal.

    I am going to put a link on this post (at the end) so you can see a better explanation of a Catalina.

    Hope this helps.