Walgreens My Friend and family trip 12/1/10

Believe it or not I only had one transaction today at Walgreens.
I had nothing really impressive but these are the things I picked up.

Before anything I handed the cashier the 15% off coupon for Friends and Family good only today.  The prices are without the 15% totals but in the ( ) I will put the discount just in case you can't make it to Walgreens tonight. :)

4 - Folgers 11.3oz coffee  $2.50ea  ($2.12ea)
  used 4 -$1/1 RP-11/7
  used $1/2 Wags coupon in the December coupon book -$2.00
            $ 2.48 for all 4

4 - M&M's $2.50    ($2.12ea)
   used 2- $1/1 from M&M facebook
   used 1- $1/2 from RP-12/5
  $5.48 for all 4 but got $5 in RR

3 Gain $1.79   ($1.52)
  used 3- $1/1 q from the P&G rebate coupon book
  used instore coupon to make them $.89ea   took $2.28off
  $.72 overage :)

2  3M Hooks $1.50ea ($1.27ea)
   used 2 $1/1
  $.54 for both

1 SalonPas Patch 5pk $5.99  ($5.09)
  NO coupons :(  got $6 RR

2 Bic Lighters $2.99ea ($2.54)
   used 2 $1.50/1
   used $1/1 from the Walgreens December coupon book (-$2)
 $.08 for both of them!

Birthday candle  $.99 ($.84)
I just needed a candle for my little man.

Breathe right $.99 ($.84)
 Used instore coupon $.49
with discount was $.42 total

Wet N Wild Makeup 50% off (sale)  + 15% Friends and Family) off $24.88 worth of makeup.  After the discounts above I handed her the $5/$10 Q from ALL YOU November issue.  So all of these were only $5.49 + tax OOP

The prices below are FULL price.
2 applicators  $.99
2 masc  $3.99
2 nail polishes $.99
1 Liquid liner $2.99
2 eye pencils $.99
2 3color eye shadows $2.99
1 sharpeners $.99
1 eyeliner $1.99

my subtotal after coupons are $20.18 + $2.20 tax.
I gave them 8 - $1.50 RR from the Herbal Ess last Friday -$12
2 - $3 RR from Colgate and Crest from last Friday  -$6
Paid $4.38 OOP
got $6 and $5 RR


  1. Hey, Super cool, I linked you to my blog!!

  2. Too bad this week was so crazy that I couldn't go shopping or check blogs until now. I was thinking of asking you if you had seen any good makeup deals lately just last week.

    I forget what good prices Wet n Wild makeup are (even full price!) Your deals were awesome!

    How do you like their mascara?

  3. CheapbyChoice~ Thank you so much that is awesome!

    Brandy~ I wish you would have asked me about looking out for makeup deals, I had no idea you needed any. I have not tried the Mascara yet, I am still using the Rimmel Masc that I got for free 6 months ago.
    Wet n Wild is not expensive at all so when you combined that with 50% off then 15% off on top of a $5/$10 it was INCREDIBLE!

  4. What a great deal on the coffee.